Resume 2018

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Media Operations

Ad Sales Marketing


  • I assisted in the launch and rebranding process of BCB Community Bank including lead management of the bank's social media accounts, website analytics,   marketing campaigns, and financial product promotions.

  • I created BCB Bank's Instagram account and significantly increased the bank's social media accounts engagement by 45%..

  • I initiated the bank to email marketing and digital web campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns


The Money Isn't Everything Campaign:

The Money Isn't Everything Campaign was created to promote more efficient and healthier ways for customers to deal with their finances. The goal of this campaign was to create different social media installments (Financial Tip Tuesdays, Monday Motivation, and Customer Appreciation Wednesdays) to increase social media engagement and direct all of our viewers to our event landing page on the BCB website. BCB Community Bank wanted to provide customers with tips and guides to a better financial future as well as host affordable events where customers can participate and enjoy themselves. The campaign included installing a laptop in all of the branches as an option for all of the bank's senior citizen customers who needed assistance in navigating BCB's digital platforms.. The campaign also consisted of a weekly email subscription  that informed customers about budgeting techniques and local events  that were happening within the following two months. The campaign overall significantly increased BCB's digital presence and brand awareness.

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Community Events


BCB x Art "Celebrating the Community" Campaign:

BCB Community Bank's consistent participation in Hoboken's Music Arts Festival inspired me to create a event that focused on supporting the artistic community. BCB x Art "Celebrating the Community"  Campaign was created to support local artists and show BCB's involvement in the community. As part of the bank's celebration of its 15th year of community service, BCB hired noted local NJ muralist and Bayonne resident Nestor Lenin Uraga, whose work is displayed across various businesses throughout Bayonne NJ. BCB contracted Uraga to paint one of his famous murals on the outer wall of the bank's headquarters at 591 Ave. C in Bayonne. The BCBxART effort was one more change for the better, from a bank committed to positive change and constant improvement for the community. The Campaign promoted local artists weekly on BCB Community Bank's social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, and Facebook. The campaign's ultimate goal was to attempt to hire local muralists from their respected areas to paint a mural in at least 5 branches through out New Jersey. Although the campaign only ran for 3 months, BCB was successful in creating a mural at its corporate location in Bayonne.

Social Media | Web Site Management & Development

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Radio 103.9's La Loca

Born in Boston, Massachusetts and bred in Perth Amboy, NJ,  La Loca’s work in radio spans over 10 years with time spent at more than half a dozen radio stations in the Florida Market including Power 95.3, 102 Jamz Orlando, and 95.7 The Beat. La Loca has interviewed everyone from Kanye West and Mary J Blige, to congressmen and reality stars. Her unique flair and diverse range of experiences make for a strong voice in the industry.

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Marc Clark

Marc Clarke is an expert communicator with twenty years of radio, television and internet broadcast experience, a motivational speaker, community activist and humorist. His experience through several years of simultaneous submersion in multiple broadcast communications roles, Clarke gained the foundational experience in Springfield that enabled him to master the hierarchy of the urban radio format and hone his ability in television broadcasting. 

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DL Hughley

One of the original King's of Comedy, famous for his multi-talented Comedic tour  and Docu-film “The Kings of Comedy” and its subsequent docu-film. He went on to gain even more national recognition as actor/producer of his hit TV show The Hughleys.. Hughley has conquered television and film…and currently has taken over radio. Heard in more than 30 cities nationwide, The D.L. Hughley Show is a no holds ride of thought provoking content and humor.

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Website Contributions:

BCB Community Bank

  • Website Management - Content Producer.

  • Blog Contributor          - Web Design

Radio 103.9 NY:

  • Blog Contributor    -    Content Producer.

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Edited Videos

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Digital Media Production:

  • Video Promos (All Social Media Outlets)

  • Sizzle Reels

  • Graphics

  • Flyers and Promotional Stills

  • Amateur Photography

KR3TS - Tribute To Life Gala

Shot end Edited Behind the scenes footage of one of New York's Best Dance companies KR3TS.