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"I am an Urban Latino American man with many interests, who has a mildly thick New Yorker accent. And also, occasionally has a corny sense of humor; so they say."

De La Pipa

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“I’m 24 years old, Dominican, born in Harlem and raised in Jersey. I’m a former rapper/backyard wrestler and currently one of New Jersey's popular food porn bloggers. I don't watch sports, I rather watch South Park and oh I'm funny or what ever."

Five Six Seven Eight Podcast

DO's "I Got Next Podcast" is not just your ordinary podcast about trending topics..


IGN is a free flowing conversation amongst friends playing dominos at host Shwing's Grandmother's house. IGN introduces all listeners/viewers to different lifestyles and activities. As well as serves as a variety show of random constructive topics that challenges morality and societal norms.


(Content is Rated "R" - viewers & listeners must be 18 and up.)

Hosted by, Shwing